Mr. Ziauddin Adil, the Director of Tracker and CEO of Top of Mind Group, represented Bangladesh at 10th ‘IPRCC Conference 2019’ in New Delhi on 20th December 2019. The conference gathered representatives and delegates from around the world and being the only invitee delegate from Bangladesh, Mr. Ziauddin Adil participated in a special panel discussion on  ‘The role of communication: How to measure impact in the face of shifting communication strategies and objectives.’ Explaining the situation of our country, he mentioned there that in Bangladesh context, the audience is very evolving, where most of them are young, more specifically 60% of the population is below 25, which is one of the young nations of SAARC countries. He also highlighted the important aspects of the evolution of PR and Communications Industry, the media landscape, the current situation and future prospects in the context of Bangladesh.

Earlier in 2019, Ziauddin Adil was named the ‘Person of the Year’ by Singapore-based news agency Asia One for his outstanding role and contribution towards the PR and Corporate Communications Industry in Bangladesh.